Hello… it’s me…

Yasmin Stageman

Hello lovely people! I’m Yas and this is my blog.. welcome! 🙂

About Me

Im a lifestyle blogger from Kent, UK who has just moved to Melbourne, Australia. You will find a variety of content on my blog, my focus is very much on fitness, food, cute stationary, even cuter dogs, maybe dogs with cute stationary… amazing.

I am also a website developer and self taught myself how to code websites at the age of 12, so some might say a bit of a geek. Whilst im not coding websites for fun I enjoy learning new sports and activites and shopping. Shopping mainly for cute stationary or cute dogs. Only stationary I can actually keep in my apartment.

In the UK in my spare time I was also a trampoline coach for Alpha Trampoline Club in Alton. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find a trampoline club in here in Melbourne so if you know of any.. please let me know! 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading through my blog, please take a nosey around and leave comments. I love reading all your comments on my posts! Don’t forget you can also find me on social media with details below.

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