5 ways to promote your blog on Twitter

5 ways to promote your blog on twitter

When promoting your blog online, social media will be your best friend. You’ll be tweeting whilst walking, talking and even sleeping!

As a blogger we spend so much time on social media trying to share our latest blog posts with our followers. However, do you often find you are constantly spending so much time trying to grow your traffic that it’s actually counter productive? I hear ya! I totally do.

In this post I will chat through 5 ways you can promote your blog on Twitter in a productive way. I’ve learnt these techniques from a combination of trial and error and spending soooo much time on social media!

1. Interact with other bloggers

Number 1. Follow other bloggers that share the same blog category as you. If you are unsure where to find these bloggers, first start by typing in your blog category with perhaps a locate into twitter. For example: “Lifestyle Blogger UK“. Then go ahead and search through on the People tab of twitter and start to follow them. Once you’ve followed a few, look through their tweets and interact with them, give them compliments on their blog or even ask for their advise on a blog. You’ll be surprised how lovely bloggers can be, we are on social media to ignore your tweets or comments, we love hearing new ideas and happy to answer other blogger’s questions.

2. Tag blogging accounts

When writing your tweets on Twitter a really effective way to share your blog with more followers to gain a greater reach is by mentioning blogging accounts in your tweets. I’ve listed 4 top accounts that when you will tweet them they will retweet your tweet with their followers. This will most definitely increase your engagements on your tweets as it will be shared with an additional 10,000 followers (as an example, they may have more!).

Blogging Accounts

  1. @BBlogRT
  2. @UKBlog_RT
  3. @FemaleBloggerRT
  4. @BloggingConnect

3. Publish a poll

Twitter has a great new feature that lets users create a poll that will last for 24 hours. This is a great way to engage with your followers because you can get their thoughts on a topic for your blog that you want their feedback on. Followers are also likely to engage with this as it’s a simple click from them and they get to help. Win win! A good example of a poll could be “What would you like to see published on my blog next? A) Beauty B) Lifestyle C) Fitness”.

4. Join blogger chats

Joining a blogger chat on Twitter can be brilliant to collaborating and interacting with like-minded bloggers. You can also learn new tips and techniques to improve your blog whilst also being part of a bigger blogging community. All you need to do to join in is to search the hashtag and tweet with the hashtag to join the chat. Below are a few blogger chats that are scheduled throughout the week.

Monday: #bdib (Bloggers Do It Better): 7-8pm. For all bloggers.
#fbloggers: 8-9pm. Fashion bloggers.

Tuesday: #bookbloggers: 7-8pm. Book bloggers.
#fblchat: 8-9pm. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.
#bloghour: 9-10pm. All bloggers.

Wednesday: #lbloggers: 7-8pm. Lifestyle bloggers.
#bbloggers: 8-9pm. Beauty bloggers.

Thursday: #crazybloggers: 7-8pm. All bloggers.

Friday: #bdib (Bloggers Do It Better): 8-9pm. All bloggers.

Saturay: #socialbloggers 6-7pm. All bloggers.

Sunday: #lbloggers: 7-8pm. Lifestyle bloggers.
#bbloggers: 8-9pm. Beauty bloggers.

5. Tag brands in your tweets

If you’re reviewing a product on your blog or have visited a location, try to find the brand that’s associated with that blog post and tag them in a photo or in a tweet. Brands will frequently be looking for ways to increase their social eminence on Twitter so it’s a great opportunity for a brand to retweet your blog posts to their followers – yay!

I hope you’ve found these techniques useful. Don’t forget you can also read more of my blogging tips by following me on Twitter. Please drop me a message on social media or comment below if you have any more helpful techniques or want to know more! 🙂



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