3 ways to motivate yourself to work out

It’s time to get your trainer socks out!

Let’s face it, it takes some level of effort to get up and go to the gym. Of course, some are far better than others, but if you are those that lives and breathes the gym… you probably aren’t reading this post. Or perhaps you are and looking for some tips to motivate yourself to get back. In which case… hiya!

When it comes to hitting the gym, I’m not the most natural gym bunny. I’m that girl that’s looking at the treadmill figuring out if I can watch the Kardashians whilst tweeting. Come on… don’t say you haven’t see those cheeky walkers on the treadmill whilst texting…. yep that’s me! That aside, I do love exercising and I’m super health conscious. I’m a huge lover of organic green teas, raspberries and vitamin E supplements, that alone makes me a health freak right?

Below are a few helpful tips that I use to motivate myself to work out and ensuring my triceps and glutes are in tip top shape.

  1. Grab yourself a gym buddy

I’ve found this the most useful by far, if you ask a friend to come with you to the gym you are more likely to go because you’ve made plans. It’s also the perfect excuse to catch-up, bit of gossip time to discuss tinder dates or how your boyfriend hasn’t cleaned the house and constant plays FIFA (my boyfriend doesn’t read my blog so he won’t see that – hehe)

  1. Join a fitness class

I have always dreaded the thought of fitness classes, purely because I am so unfit. I would always be the person at the back of the class trying to copy everyone else whilst hoping nobody is staring at me thinking… whatisshe doing? I can safely say, I have completely got over this feeling. Rarely anybody is ever staring at you because they’re likely trying to figure out how to do it correctly themselves! 🙂

  1. Learn a sport or skill

I recently started an aerial hoops beginners course and it’s incredible!! I’ve always had a love for gymnastics and trampolining so I thought try something different! Learning a new sport or hobby is a fantastic way to work out, because not only are you working out but you’re making friends and learning a new skill. You will also find this will create more structure to your weekly plans and you will set aside a weekly time for you to go and participate.

I hope these tips have been helpful and motivational. If you have any ways you use to motivate yourself to work out, please drop me a message on social media or in the comments below, I’m always looking for more!

Here’s to all the gym trainers we’ve bought but never worn!


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